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The Business Tool You Need Now: Proven Process

As a company that runs on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) we know the importance of having a Proven Process. The Proven Process is a visualization of anywhere from 3-7 steps that shows your customers (and prospects!) exactly how you deliver services. Everyone in your organization should be familiar with your Proven Process so that they can set client expectations,…

Donna Campbell Branding & Identity

Brand Archetypes Help Manufacturers Connect With Ideal Customers

Whether it’s running shoes, lawn mowers, cosmetics, accounting services, or bulletproof glass — B2C and B2B brands must inspire their target audiences to feel trust and connect on a visceral level. The problem is, manufacturing companies struggle to understand branding and create strong brands for themselves. We’re industrial marketers that are here to help with a quick primer on brand…

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How To Use Competitor Research To Boost Your B2B SEO

Do you think that SEO doesn’t apply to B2B companies? Think again. The search market is in some ways a competition, so you have to spend time sizing up your competitors. What are they ranking for (and why)? What lessons can you learn from them? Especially in competitive B2B industries, competitor research is an important lifeline and market validation tool.…

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WBG’s Core Values Drive Community Involvement

Ann Arbor is included on multiple “Best Cities” lists that get published each year. And there are plenty of good reasons for it.Throughout the seasons, the small college-town community comes together for all kinds of unique experiences. One favorite summer events is the Top of the Park festival, a 24-day live music showcase that takes place in the middle of…

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Craft An Intentionally Contagious Company Culture in 2016

You killed it last year—in either a really great way, or maybe not so great—and you’ve devoted this next year to being even better, badder, and more awesome than ever. Your people are great, your clients are fantastic, and you’re all humming along (or maybe not, and that’s okay). You have your goals set, life is good, and in the beginning of…

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3 Red Flags That Indicate Your Company Needs a New Culture

The world of start-ups has permanently changed the way businesses work, and perhaps their most important legacy is that of company culture. The CEO of AirBnB has gone as far as suggesting that company culture will be AirBnB’s most important legacy, as it alters and changes everything else that goes on within a business. So, how does your company culture…

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Rock Your Company Culture by Making Love in the Workplace””

If you want to improve your company’s culture, you need to start making love in the workplace. We just hosted the Ann Arbor Small Giants chapter meetup with guest speaker David Mammano, author of the book Make Love in the Workplace. And we learned some fantastic principles about how to strengthen your company’s culture. It’s all about making love…sort of.

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How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Content marketing is certainly going to help you get more qualified visitors to your website, but what are these visitors going to see when they view your website on their smartphone or tablet? Have you taken a look at your own website through a smartphone or tablet recently? What did you see? Was it easy to read? Was it easy…

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How to Make Your Brand’s Voice and Tone Pitch-Perfect

James Earl Jones. Julia Child. Ella Fitzgerald. Elmo. Some people have an unforgettable voice. It’s as smooth as velvet or as bubbly as soda pop. There’s no mistaking that voice, and it always evokes a certain emotional response — trust or laughter or longing. Your company has a voice, too. Like an archetype, your voice communicates who you are in…

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9 Ways to Create a Positive Company Culture

Does your staff spend the weekend looking forward to Monday morning? The Whole Brainiacs do! Sure, we love the weekend and we’re glad to have a couple days away from work. But it’s not unusual for our employees to go home Friday evening eager to get back into work Monday morning. So how do you create a company culture that drives…