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4 Keys to Creating a Marketing Budget that Gets Results

Don’t look now, but you’re about to start the first quarter of a new year. A new year means new customers, new sales goals, and new opportunities to grow your business. It’s an exciting way to start the year, but it won’t last long if your marketing budget isn’t right from the start. Many companies plan their marketing budget based …

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The #1 Metric You Need to Know for Your Next Marketing Budget

If you’re like most companies, you’re asking the wrong question about your marketing budget: How much should we spend on our digital marketing? According to Gartner research, the average marketing budget is about 10.2% of gross revenue. This is the “magic” number you’ll tend to hear when you ask this question. But it won’t tell you why you’re spending the …

The Whole Brain Group Budget, Inbound Marketing

Marketing Budget Part 1: Develop A Plan

We’re sure you’ve heard it before. It’s a phrase that everyone hates hearing: “You have to spend money to make money.” But many people struggle to figure out how much money they have to spend to make the amount of money they want to make!