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4 B2B Newsletter Examples That Are Killing It

Remember that old newsletter you grabbed when leaving a church or a PTA meeting? Everyone had a paper newsletter back in the day. They were great for sharing everything from upcoming events to beef stroganoff recipes. Mmmmmm…stroganoff. That old-fashioned-beef-stroganoff newsletter is long gone and in its place is a digital upgrade that still delivers quite a punch, minus the paper …

Donna Campbell Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

3 Bare Minimum B2B Marketing Tactics During COVID-19

Many small businesses out there (us included!) are adapting to the current crisis. They’re doing their best to serve existing customers while trying to generate new business that will be critical to staying afloat. Digital marketing is a powerful tool for accomplishing both of those things. And during the current COVID-19 crisis, everyone is handling their marketing a little differently. …

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How Businesses Can Do Keyword Research for Free

Our friend, Quincy Smith, is guest blogging this week. He oversees SEO and analytics at Ampjar, a brand-to-brand partnership marketing platform. He’s passionate about IPAs, strong coffee, and solo travel. Keyword research is one of the pillars of inbound marketing and should be the basis of all the content you produce on your website. However, if you’re a cash-strapped startup …

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Tips To Improve Blog Performance In Just A Few Minutes

You probably have a mixed bag when it comes to blogs. Some duds, some decent performers, and some that with just a tiny bit of help – could be great. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or create brand new content. All it takes is 30 minutes or less to make a few minor adjustments to your existing blogs …

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6 Things You Need to Know About Borrowing Images Online

Did you know that the World Wide Web is already 27 years old? Wow, that’s ancient. Like many 27-year-olds, the Web is still reinventing itself, which means that things like online etiquette, information sharing, and photo sharing are evolving with it. If you do regular image searches, you know that it’s easy to find free images on websites like Pixabay …

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Cool Marketing Tools You Should Start Using Right Now

Every marketer needs tools that make life easier and get the job done. As a HubSpot partner agency, and we’re constantly writing about how great HubSpot is. It’s the go-to marketing and sales automation platform for our clients, as well as ourselves.  But you need more than robust marketing automation software. You need specialty tools for things like SEO, hashtags, email, …

The Whole Brain Group Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

How to Boost Your Email Click-through Rates by 47%

Depending on who you read, you can get anywhere from a 32% increase to a 47% boost in email click-through rates—just by sending your emails from a person instead of your company. That one tiny tweak to your emails can be the difference between $10M in sales this year and $14.7M. Here’s why…and how to do it.