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7 Reasons You’re Not Getting More B2B Blog Visitors

Content creates conversions. Right? That’s what all the marketing experts say. If you want to increase visits and generate new leads, then your blog needs to deliver valuable content. But what if your blog content isn’t generating any new leads? Your site visits have plateaued and your conversions are stuck in the mud. It’s not that your content is bad—in …

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7 Stats-Based Fixes for Greater Landing Page Conversion Rates

If you’re like most B2B companies, your website visitor-to-contact conversion rate is less than 2%. By comparison, the top 25% of companies are converting at a significantly higher rate of more than 5%. But to increase your overall conversion rates, you need conversion points, and that means landing pages. If you want a quick benchmark, make sure your landing page-to-contact …

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5 Easy Ways to Get the Content You Need from Your SMEs

It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re now officially under the gun and sweating bullets. You asked your subject matter expert for some important content almost two weeks ago and they still haven’t gotten it to you. No matter how much you pester them, they just won’t respond. That’s what happens when you rely on a subject matter expert (or SME) to …

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Inbound Marketing Around the Web: October 2016

Email marketing is nearly 40 years old, but it’s still changing and adapting with new technologies—and with customers’ changing behaviors. Email marketing is a big part of successful business, but companies need to keep up with the latest trends and best practices to keep seeing positive ROI. Want to boost your email marketing? Here are the latest and greatest articles …

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You’re Delivering the Wrong Content to Your Personas—Here’s Why

At The Whole Brain Group, we write a lot about how foundational buyer personas are to your inbound marketing strategy. You shouldn’t do a single marketing activity until you’ve considered your persona. But did you know that you could perfectly understand your persona, create a smart strategy centered around the persona, and still deliver irrelevant content to your audience?

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Why CEOs Need a Triangle of Trusted Advisors

This post was written by guest blogger Jonathan B. Smith, Founder and CEO of Chief Optimizer. Once, when I was running Wave Dispersions Systems, a maritime fence designed to stop a water-borne improvised explosive device (WBIED), a bankrupt client refused to pay a large invoice. At the time, we were flooded with business, scaling up quickly, and we hadn’t yet dealt …