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4 B2B Newsletter Examples That Are Killing It

Remember that old newsletter you grabbed when leaving a church or a PTA meeting? Everyone had a paper newsletter back in the day. They were great for sharing everything from upcoming events to beef stroganoff recipes. Mmmmmm…stroganoff. That old-fashioned-beef-stroganoff newsletter is long gone and in its place is a digital upgrade that still delivers quite a punch, minus the paper…

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[Infographic] Know When Your Leads Will Unsubscribe from Your Emails

We’re creatures of habit when it comes to the time of day that we open our emails. Previously, our friends at QuickSprout revealed the best times to post on social media. Now Seventh Sense has shared a helpful infographic that answers that age-old question that salespeople and marketers ask: When is the best time to send this email?…sort of. Actually, it…

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5 Areas to Consider When Building a B2B Email Lead Nurturing Campaign

Effective lead nurturing can bring your efforts together and produce significant results. A major component of most lead nurturing strategies is email marketing. How you construct your emails can have a significant impact on how well they move your leads through the buyer’s journey. Here are some things to keep in mind as you build your next email nurturing program.