Get Your Sales Team To Embrace Digital Marketing

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Get Your Sales Team To Embrace Digital Marketing: 3 Easy Steps

When sales and marketing teams work together it’s a beautiful thing. There’s collaboration, accountability, and hopefully – more revenue generated. It’s not always a lovefest though. Sometimes sales and marketing are at odds about what it’s going to take to generate the visitors and leads needed to grow that revenue. Enter: digital marketing. Strong digital marketing programs increase your lead…

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5 Steps to Set Up a Service Level Agreement

Have you ever heard someone describe their relationship status with: “It’s complicated”? The same could be said about the relationship between marketing and sales. Ideally, the two teams work together toward shared success. However, when there’s a breakdown in communication, or one team doesn’t make their numbers, it gets infinitely more complicated. Sales blames marketing, and vice versa. This hurts…

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5 Websites That’ll Teach You Great Lead Generation

So, what does your website do? You probably have company info, some product or service details, maybe even a blog. But are there places on your site that encourage visitors to give you their information and establish their interest in becoming a customer? Or is your website just a glorified brochure? Be honest…is your site optimized for lead generation?