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7 Stats-Based Fixes for Greater Landing Page Conversion Rates

If you’re like most B2B companies, your website visitor-to-contact conversion rate is less than 2%. By comparison, the top 25% of companies are converting at a significantly higher rate of more than 5%. But to increase your overall conversion rates, you need conversion points, and that means landing pages. If you want a quick benchmark, make sure your landing page-to-contact …

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Making Sense of Lead Scoring in HubSpot

Recently at our Ann Arbor HubSpot User Group mixer, I was asked about the Lead Scoring feature in HubSpot: What’s the optimum lead score? It’s a good question, because lead scoring is a bit of a mystery to a lot of marketers. How does it work, how do you know what the right numbers are, and what should you be …

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How Inbound Marketing Solves Your Biggest B2B Sales Roadblocks

B2B companies—especially professional services—face unique marketing roadblocks that B2C companies don’t have to deal with. But if you’re using inbound marketing the right way, it’s one of the best ways for B2B companies to generate more leads, nurture prospects, and close more deals. Here’s how to use inbound marketing to take away the sales roadblocks that B2B companies face every …

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B2B Website Benchmarking—How Does Your Traffic Measure Up?

Our clients ask us all the time where they should be getting their website traffic from. They want to know how much should come from social, email, and organic traffic—and where they can improve. While the answers are specific for each business and their target personas, HubSpot just released some great benchmark data on where other B2B and professional service …

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[Quiz] Find Out Now if You’re Ready for Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a thing now. Fifty-four percent more leads are generated by inbound tactics than traditional paid marketing. Every quarter, more and more companies are making the move to inbound marketing and realizing greater leads, conversions, and revenue than ever before. Unfortunately, there are also many companies that are switching to inbound and realizing a drop in leads and …

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7 Steps to a Buyer’s Journey that Fuels Your Inbound Campaigns

If you’ve read much about inbound marketing or lead generation, you’ve heard about personas—and you know how important they are to generating the right leads. Personas are vital to a successful inbound marketing campaign, but they’re only the first part of delighting your customers. To maximize your inbound machine, you need to develop a buyer’s journey to nurture your personas …

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The #1 Way to Get Better Qualified Leads

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Your marketing team is fist-bumping all day long because they sent 531 new leads to Sales this month—a new record! Meanwhile, your sales team is shaking their fists all day long because Marketing sent them 531 worthless sales leads this month—a new low. If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. On average, only …

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5 Areas to Consider When Building a B2B Email Lead Nurturing Campaign

Effective lead nurturing can bring your efforts together and produce significant results. A major component of most lead nurturing strategies is email marketing. How you construct your emails can have a significant impact on how well they move your leads through the buyer’s journey. Here are some things to keep in mind as you build your next email nurturing program.

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Top 3 Ways You’ll Waste Your 2016 Marketing Budget

‘Tis the season for annual budgeting and planning, and it’s a perfect time to set the stage for success, or to set yourself up for failure. We’ve been talking to a lot of people who are frustrated with the results they got from their 2015 Marketing Budget, and are now working with us to avoid making the same mistakes in 2016. …