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It’s Not Sales vs. Marketing; It’s Sales and Marketing.

There have been a number of times that we’ve walked into an organization looking for some marketing assistance, and we hear a familiar tune: “Marketing doesn’t work, it costs too much!” “Sales aren’t doing their job! I’m sending them leads!” If you’ve grown up with siblings, this scenario can sound very familiar to quarreling brothers and sisters, but what is …

The Whole Brain Group Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

11 Amazing Business Books for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

As a business owner, I’m always trying to learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs, and that happens most often through reading their books. If you find yourself with some downtime over the holidays, here are the top books we buy in bulk and regularly recommend to clients and colleagues. Read them in any order – this just happens to be …

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Lead Scoring and Why It’s Important to Your Marketing Efforts

What Is Lead Scoring? Lead scoring is a key component of an efficient marketing and sales process. By assigning scores to your leads, you can determine which ones are ready to send directly to Sales and which ones still need nurturing in Marketing. This practice not only provides Sales with better-qualified leads, it also streamlines communication between the two departments.

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Decoding QR Codes: What’s a QR Code and How Can My Business Use One?

What is a QR code? You’ve probably seen a QR code on an ad in the pages of your favorite magazine, the back of your cereal box, or maybe even the digital boarding pass for your last flight. QR, or “quick response,” codes resemble barcodes and, like a barcode, they can be quickly scanned to access information. Unlike barcodes, however, …