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4 Ways Inbound Sales Outperforms Legacy Sales Every Day

The way buyers make decisions to purchase products and services has changed dramatically in the past few years—people are more educated than ever, and they’re typically turned off by traditional sales tactics. The role of the salesperson has been transformed from product information gatekeeper to educator and advisor. Most people have answered all of their basic questions by doing their …

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Why Most Salespeople Solve the Wrong Problem

I met with a small business owner a couple months ago to talk about her company and her plans for growth. She shared some challenges that they’ve been working on—especially a sales cycle that takes too long, and the constant pressure to reduce price and terms to close deals. Pretty common stuff for any company trying to gain more business. …

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Why You Need Sales Enablement Now

The world of sales has changed and buyers are more educated. Yet salespeople haven’t caught up with the times. Sales reps are spending 59% of their time on non-sales activities. Their time is wasted on researching, sourcing leads, and administrative tasks. However, if you ask a salesperson what they want, they’ll ask for more time and more money.

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5 Pitfalls of Inbound Marketing You Could Already Be Heading Towards

Inbound marketing is an increasingly popular methodology that yields powerful sales and revenue results—in theory. But for some marketers, the actual application of the ideas and concepts fall flat very quickly. What happened? Inbound marketing can revitalize your company’s success, but it won’t be effective if you don’t follow best practices or implement a smart strategy. Whether you’re getting started …

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The 2 Tools You Need for a Streamlined Sales Process

The Frankenstein monster isn’t fiction. It’s living in your sales department. Every day, sales managers struggle to find tools that help personalize the customer’s buying experience—cobbling together 5 or 6 tools like a mad scientist. But the monster turns on you, because now you have to manage multiple logins to systems that don’t talk to each other, and you’re losing …

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How to Improve Your Sales with Inbound Marketing

Many marketing budgets are spent broadcasting across multiple formats in a buckshot-like approach, hoping to snare a few leads in the process. This outbound marketing approach may include mass mailings, cold calling, billboard advertising, and commercials – techniques meant to get your product or service in front of lots of people in the hopes of engaging with a few.

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Smarketing: 5 Tips for Business Owners

Your sales and marketing teams need to work hand-in-hand to achieve your company’s overall sales and growth goals. When there is harmony between the two, they operate as a one-two-punch, achieving your company’s goals while converting leads to sales. When both teams are working as one, it’s also referred to as smarketing. The Whole Brain Group knows what complications lie …

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How to Get Sales and Marketing Traction with Inbound

We’re pleased to announce our most ambitious eBook to date, Get Sales and Marketing Traction with Inbound. Written by our Founder and Head Brainiac, Marisa Smith, this 70-page eBook reveals The Whole Brain Group’s “secret sauce” – the process we use to achieve remarkable results for our clients through a combination of disciplined strategic planning and impactful inbound marketing tactics. If …