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How Businesses Can Do Keyword Research for Free

Our friend, Quincy Smith, is guest blogging this week. He oversees SEO and analytics at Ampjar, a brand-to-brand partnership marketing platform. He’s passionate about IPAs, strong coffee, and solo travel. Keyword research is one of the pillars of inbound marketing and should be the basis of all the content you produce on your website. However, if you’re a cash-strapped startup…

Megan Sherwood Inbound Marketing

5 Ways to Optimize Google My Business

Thirty years ago, if your furnace died in the middle of January, you’d pull out your phone book and search the yellow pages for a technician who could come check it out ASAP. Today, you turn to your smartphone or laptop and pull up Google, typing “furnace repair near me” into the text box.

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The Power of Company Culture in Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the United States has gone through intense changes. From geopolitical threats to innovations on the plant floor, the entire manufacturing sector has weathered many a storm. So as the focus shifts from quality to quality & speed, what else can  manufacturers do to improve their bottom lines? Well, a big answer is company culture. Creating a strong company culture in…