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Bye-Bye Scanner: Digitally Signing Documents with Apple Preview

At The Whole Brain Group, we’re constantly trying to reduce the amount of paper we use, so signing documents has always been a source of irritation for me. When we send contracts out, I have a digital signature I embed in the document, but when I have to sign a document I didn’t produce, the steps are time consuming and…

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Facebook Offers: Coming Soon to a Facebook Page Near You

Facebook’s “Offers” feature, while still in beta mode, is being rolled out to more businesses today! It’s not quite ready for a full release, but if you are categorized as a Local Business, there’s a good chance this feature is available to you! So what is Facebook Offers, exactly? Good question! We could write more about Offers, but aren’t videos…

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Smart Electronic Tools Save Paper on Earth Day and Every Day

In honor of Earth Day, here’s a recap of three Smart Tools we’ve adopted here at The Whole Brain Group to reduce paper waste.  Coincidentally, these tools also save you time and effort so you can be efficiency-friendly AND earth-friendly! Harvest Time Tracking Are you still using paper time sheets and sending paper invoices? Check out Harvest’s online time tracking,…

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Smart Tool: Get Rid of Email Clutter with OtherInbox

If you’re like me, your email is constantly flooded with social media notices, coupons, mailing lists and bill reminders. You can try to set up filters for everything, but it’s hard to keep up, and you might miss things you should pay attention to. Consequently, you either have 800 unread messages in your inbox, or you spend hours reading, filing,…

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Taskforce Helps You Stop Using your Gmail Inbox as a To Do List

If you’re overwhelmed by the volume of email in your Gmail inbox, it’s probably because you’re one of the millions of people who use your inbox as your to do list.  Your inbox is probably full of requests for information or action, messages that you need to refer to later when you’re completing a task, or stuff you want to…

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Our New Interest: Pinterest

At some point recently, you have probably heard of the new social media craze, Pinterest. It has been written up in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and Mashable as well as many other notable blogs and columns. But you might be wondering to yourself, how do I use it and can I use this for my business?

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New Twitter is Fly!

Twitter has adopted a new site redesign with the intention of making the social site simpler and easier to use. Twitter currently has over 117 million users, therefore the new design, including the added features, is providing a new social experience for many. Twitter has modified the usability of the core Twitter features: a new ‘Home’ & ‘Profile’ design, with…