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WTF is the GDPR and Why Does It Matter to Me?

There are four letters that are causing panic in companies around the globe: GDPR. If you haven’t heard about the General Data Protection Regulation, it’s time to start paying attention. (The deadline for compliance is May 25th, 2018 – so kick yo-self into gear) 

Brooklin Nash at TrustRadius Sales & Marketing

How to Use Customer Reviews in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Our friends at TrustRadius are guest blogging this week about something they know a lot about: the power of online reviews. They’re a trusted review site for business technology, serving both buyers and vendors – helping buyers make better product decisions based on unbiased and insightful reviews. 

Justine Jahnke Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

5 Websites That’ll Teach You Great Lead Generation

So, what does your website do? You probably have company info, some product or service details, maybe even a blog. But are there places on your site that encourage visitors to give you their information and establish their interest in becoming a customer? Or is your website just a glorified brochure? Be honest…is your site optimized for lead generation?

Donna Campbell Analytics

​8 Website Metrics You Should Be Learning From

Websites are like gardens. They need regular tending, nurturing and pruning. And just like you can look at a garden and see droopy plants that need watering or weeds that need pulling — looking at website data will help you stop guessing and know exactly what to do next!

Donna Campbell Branding & Identity

Brand Archetypes Help Manufacturers Connect With Ideal Customers

Whether it’s running shoes, lawn mowers, cosmetics, accounting services, or bulletproof glass — B2C and B2B brands must inspire their target audiences to feel trust and connect on a visceral level. The problem is, manufacturing companies struggle to understand branding and create strong brands for themselves. We’re industrial marketers that are here to help with a quick primer on brand …

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Tips To Improve Blog Performance In Just A Few Minutes

You probably have a mixed bag when it comes to blogs. Some duds, some decent performers, and some that with just a tiny bit of help – could be great. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or create brand new content. All it takes is 30 minutes or less to make a few minor adjustments to your existing blogs …