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We've compiled our most-frequently-asked questions here, but if you have a question that is not on the list below, please ask!
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Why do I a need a digital marketing program?

A high-performing digital marketing program can help you attract your ideal customers, convert them into leads, and nurture them into customers. It can also help elevate your online brand and position you as a thought leader in your industry.

When can I start to expect more leads coming in from digital marketing efforts?

Two factors affect the speed with which you can see leads increase: your current inbound marketing efforts and how much you're willing to spend to increase leads. For example, if the current status of your inbound program is that you have none- you'll have to start from scratch to build content and infrastructure and it might take up to six months before you start seeing leads coming in. If you have an existing program, it will be quicker to get new leads. If you're willing to spend a little more upfront to build out your program quickly (or enhance your existing one) that'll also cut downtime it takes to get new leads.

How many leads can I expect each month with Inbound Marketing?

There are some variables that will impact the number of leads you can expect to see, such as the current traffic to your website, number of lead magnets currently on your site. Once we understand those metrics, we can give you a better estimate. Generally speaking, you could expect (megan please advise) a month from your Inbound Marketing efforts.

How will we know if our marketing is working?

Everything we do is measurable so we can provide regular reporting on things like email open rates, website visits, blog views and CTA click-through rates. We use that data to not only report on your performance, but also to make continuous improvements to your program content.

How do you determine ROI?

A: Similar to above. We use HubSpot to track dollars and deals influenced by marketing activity - it can show us exactly how a lead came in, all of their activity and engagement across your digital platforms, and ultimately if they were closed. Connecting a CRM to HubSpot (bonus for using HubSpot's CRM!) allows us to show the full path from visitor to client, and see the ROI for our efforts.

Why do I need a marketing automation platform?

Two words: efficiency and transparency. Marketing automation platforms, such as HubSpot, can automate and connect all of your marketing efforts into one hub. It can help small teams move faster by streamlining your efforts and it can help increase your deal size with targeting AI. Also, the reporting provided by marketing automation platforms can help you understand what's working, what's not, and how to adjust your marketing efforts to get better results. HubSpot also has a CRM for your sales team so they can track leads and deals and increase sales velocity.

Why is HubSpot better than Mailchimp?

For very small or startup companies, Mailchimp might be ok. But for companies that are focused on sales enablement, sales growth, better lead intelligence, and true marketing automation - HubSpot is simply a more sophisticated, robust tool. HubSpot's real value is in the reporting - the ability to see and track marketing ROI.

Mailchimp, in contrast, was not originally built for marketing automation - just to send emails. While they've since added the ability to create landing pages and workflows, the system is not intuitive and there are limitations with reporting.

Want to see a side-by-side comparison, check this out.

Questions About Digital Marketing

A high-performing digital marketing program can help you attract your ideal customers, convert them into leads, and nurture them into customers. It can also help elevate your online brand and position you as a thought leader in your industry.

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