A Buyer-Focused Approach

Meet your customers where they are, and move them to purchase.

A Buyer-Focused Approach

Meet your customers where they are, and move them to purchase.

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Inbound marketing starts with understanding your customers as they move through the four stages of the buyer's journey: Awareness, Consideration, Decision and Delight. Each stage invokes different questions, challenges and concerns for your buyer. Think of it like a board game, with customers advancing to the next stage with your help.

In order to get measurable marketing ROI, you need to address each stage of the buyer's journey with the right content.



They have questions, you have answers

Customers at this stage are searching, learning, and trying to ease some sort of pain. Establish yourself as a trusted resource with blogs, tip sheets, eBooks and other content that answers their early questions.

Be the authority


Stand out from the pack

Buyers in the consideration stage are evaluating how your products and services stack up against your competition. Now is a good time to offer case studies, white papers, and comparison guides that demonstrate your unique value.

Level the competition


Make them choose you

Customers at this stage are almost ready to buy, so it's time to raise the stakes. They need free demos and live webinars to answer their remaining questions and help them make a final decision.

Close the deal


Love the one you’re with

It costs businesses 6 to 7 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. So why not just delight the customers you have? Show them the love with unexpected extras like purchase recommendations, reminders and rewards.

Build lifetime loyalty

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