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Go-getters, nerds, dogs, creativity, code, and a whole lotta coffee…


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You won’t find a smarter, harder working team anywhere. Curious about the brains behind Whole Brain Group? Visit our dog-and-kid-friendly office in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a closer look.

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We have passionate discussions about strategies and creative work. We give a damn. That’s why we love it here and why our clients love working with us. We believe in bringing our best every day, and having fun while we do it.




When you meet the Whole Brain team, you’ll find people with these qualities in common:

• Go-getter attitude
• Crave and nurture collaboration
• Communicate openly and honestly
• Serve with enthusiasm
• Learn and improve every day




Founded in 2009 by Marisa Smith, we started as a website and mobile app development shop and evolved into an inbound marketing powerhouse. Our IT roots are still evident in the many innovative solutions we offer.

3 Uniques



Educators: who will grow your team's marketing confidence.
Believers in Keeping it Simple: who use sanity-saver processes and communicate like real people.
Experienced Grown Ups who have been there, done that, across dozens of industries.

We Rock!



The Whole Brain Group has explained - clearly and simply - the basic building blocks of an effective inbound marketing program. This is remarkable given the complexities involved in that rapidly changing space.
Mike Paton, EOS WorldWide

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We like go-getters, continuous learners, and those who get s*** done.
Also, snacks. Wanna work with us? Check out our current openings

I like snacks, dogs, and GSD!